[Web4lib] Greenstone For Dummy (Me)

Michael Schofield mschofield at neflin.org
Fri Nov 19 08:28:09 EST 2010


Whenever I last developed a Greenstone Digital Library, it was in a class 
where our professor, with magical /root powers, configured our servers for 
us. I am currently in the planning stages of a project for the local library 
cooperative, and I'm evidently incapable of giving myself my own refresher. 
The online GDL user-submitted manuals aren't step-by-step enough, so I was 
wondering if someone out there in the web could drum-out a basic walkthrough 
for setting up a GDL Web Library - in, apparently, dummy terms! 

I was up late last night with crossed eyes. The info just isn't getting to 
the right part of my brain.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I am using virtualbox to set up a server on a Windows 7 machine. I have 
never set up a server before - the server has simply already been there when 
I got to it. Right now, I've installed Ubuntu Server 10 - for which there is 
a lot of forum-fuming about how difficult it seems to be to configure it for 
Greenstone. One of my questions is whether it would be easier to run the 
Apache HTTP Server in Ubuntu 10. Someone told me that I wouldn't be able to 
work on Windows XP - only NT (which I don't have) - so I am taking his word 
for it.

After I get the server configured, I need to get Greenstone installed and 
ready for remote collection building. Ultimately, the server will be 
offsite, and I will have a few others in adjacent counties working on the 

Is someone out there willing to walk this lowly student through the steps? I 
sort of jumped into a deep end. I will keep my eye on the listserv, but feel 
free to contact me off-list: mschofield at neflin.org. I will make sure to make 
myself available in the future to return the favor.

Michael Schofield | mschofield at neflin.org
@ BCPL [Office]: (904) 368-3917

P.S. //

I thought about using Greenstone3, but a) it takes a lot to make compatible 
with Windows 7 [although I could just boot it with XP / Ubuntu], but since a 
Greenstone 2 collection can be carried over to Greenstone3, I figured I 
would wait for a stable build.

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