[Web4lib] security and management solutions for loaner laptops

Lucien Kress lucienk at multcolib.org
Fri Nov 5 16:30:33 EDT 2010


I would like to hear about your security and management solutions for loaner
laptops.  Please respond privately, and I will summarize responses if

Do you use internal tools like SteadyState; third-party tools like Fortres,
DeepFreeze, Clean Slate, or CybraryN; or specialized browser shells?

How do you maintain and update software?

What are the logistics of keeping laptops charged and in good shape?

I am betting this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find much information in my
initial search.  Please do send me references if you have any. Thanks!

Lucien Kress
Project Manager
Multnomah County Library

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