[Web4lib] Library cards

Sarah Campany sarahcamp at verizon.net
Wed Nov 3 17:17:20 EDT 2010

1. I am wondering if any public libraries are using library cards that patrons can preload with funds to pay for library services like printing and copying. Right now we only have "coin boxes" that take coins , $1s and $5s. Often patrons have no cash at all or we end up making change.  Going to some sort of credit card payment system might be an option too. But then patrons with out credit cards (including kids) couldn't use it. 

2. Some patrons try to use their library barcode on their smartphone. Our scanners won't read the barcode and we won't use the library card number because we don't have any control over the security of the card number. But it seems like in some ways it is more secure. If i drop my card in the parking lot, someone could pick it up and use it.  My iphone is password protected. How are your libraries handling this?

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