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I think you may have a ^ somewhere in the regular expression that I assume is used in your cfm script.^ is the metacharactor in most reg expression implementations to indicate the start of the string to be matched.


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I'm quite new to jQuery and I'm using the autocomplete plugin on a test page (http://library.umassmed.edu/~rvanderh/newsite3/ejournals_jquery.cfm).  Right now the autocomplete is suggesting titles where the typed word is only at the beginning, but I'd like it to also suggest titles where the typed word is inside.  For example, when I typed "applied" I want to see suggestions for titles such as "Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis" in addition to "Applied Biochemistry".

I've looked around on Google and posted this question on the jQuery forum but received no response.  I believe the "matchContains" setting is what I have to adjust, but it seems that the behavior of the autocomplete doesn't change whether I use true, false, or "word" as the value.  Am I on the right track, or is there something else I need to adjust?

Thanks for any help.

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