[Web4lib] Circulating Kindle and Nooks

Chris (CE) crippel at ckls.org
Mon Apr 5 20:12:05 EDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I doubt libraries can afford to buy expensive e-reading devices for 
every reader who may want to use these devices in the future.

Providing content to owners of e-reading devices is a more affordable 
future for libraries.

Circulating Kindles teaches using and encourages buying devices that 
exclude libraries from providing content to e-reading devices.

This ultimately weakens patrons' connection with libraries.

Surely it is better to teach patrons to use and encourage them to buy 
devices that would continue, if not strengthen, our relationships with 

I would like you opinion of the following idea doing this.

Step 1. The library posts the following flyer.


"Kansas libraries have a collection of Overdrive e-books. Overdrive 
e-books can be read on regular computers, but reading them on Nooks and 
Sony Readers is more comfortable and fun.

"We will set you down at a computer to let you select up to 10 books. We 
will put the books on one of our Nooks or Sony Readers. The device will 
be checked out to you for three weeks. You will go home with the device 
and a set of instructions on using it to read your selection.

"Valid library card and signing a user’s agreement are required. Check 
it out."

Step 2. Patrons wanting to try a reading Nook are set down in front of a 
computer logged into Overdrive's Web site. Library staff instruct 
patrons to add up to 10 e-books to "my cart."

When patrons are finished, library staff loads the selected e-books into 
the Nook or Sony Reader and checks the device out to the patron along 
with instructions on how to use the device to read the e-books.

The e-books expire and the device needs to be returned at the same time, 
e.g., three weeks.

This process may be repeated for the patron one or two more times.

Step 3. After library staff do the Overdrive check out for one or two 
times, library staff then teaches patrons to do their own Overdrive 

I have illustrated, step-by-step instructions for putting Overdrive 
e-books into Nooks at

Patrons are allowed to do this once or twice then the device is given to 
another patron wanting to try the device.

What problems do you think you see with this idea?


Chris Rippel
Central Kansas Library System
1409 Williams
Great Bend, Kansas 67530
620-792-4865 (voice)
620-792-5495 (fax)
crippel at ckls dot org

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