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I don't have a solution. But, I wonder if you're running into this similar
You're facing, perhaps, an encoding issue?


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On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 4:14 PM, Bob Long <rlong at talb.lib.md.us> wrote:

> A lot of my work with our website involves copying text that staff have
> sent to me in a Word document and either adding it to an existing page or
> using it to create a new page.
> I'm a little old fashioned and like to work directly on the server,
> typically using Emacs as my editor. But I've noticed this problem also
> occurs in vi.
> The problem is that when I copy the text from the Word document into Emacs,
> certain characters come out as periods rather than the original character.
> The biggest culprit seems to be apostrophes. But also include quotation
> marks, emdashes, and ellipsis to name a few others.
> I've tried what I would consider to be the obvious workarounds for this;
> saving the Word document as a plain-text document and copying from there,
> saving the Word document as a html file and copying from there. Nothing
> seems to work.
> I suppose I could do my editing in Notepad (everything copies fine from
> Word to Notepad) and ftp it all back and forth. But I don't work that way. I
> like to copy the text to Emacs, add a few tags, done!
> Is there a way to copy text from a Word document into Emacs without having
> to go through and clean up all of those infernal periods?
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