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Not Exactly WebQubed [http://tinyurl.com/d4nsw8],  But ...




The Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center of the Federal
Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland) has mashed a Geographic
Information System (GIS) with library usage and holdings data to create
Several Most Impressive Visualizations


Shelf occupation 

Circulations 2008  

Acquisitions 2008 

Distribution of publication years (as of end of 2008)

Current circulations 

Current acquisitions of this month 

Missing works (all works missing since 2001, current)

Relative usage of circulations (Number of circulations / number of
titles on shelf, as of end of 2008)

Relative usage of titles (Used titles / number of titles on shelf, as of
end of 2008)


Links to the main project page and individual visualizations are
available from


[ http://tinyurl.com/bgfcd9 ]





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