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McKiernan, Gerard [LIB] gerrymck at iastate.edu
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While I believe that many Web 2.0 developments are Quite Innovative, I
sense that the integration of Web 2.0 technologies are Not As Radical as
they could be ...


For Example:


***Are There Current Web 2.0 Mashups / Services / Sites / Etc. That
Allow A User To:***


>Add a relevant audio / photo / video / etc. TO a private/public PDF /
Word / TXT / document ?


>>Add a tag to relevant audio / photo / text / video / etc. that is
**Linked** to a relevant private/public audio /photo / text / video /


>>> Add a linked-tag (for audio / photo / text / video /etc. ) to
national catalog record (via Open WordCat)? To a local OPAC record ( A
PennTags & Plus)?


The Question Of The Day is: 

To What Degree Has The Wide Variety Of Media Been Integrated Into Other
Media ?? / To What Degree Has Such Media Mixed And Mashed To Create A
New Medium ?


How Might Libraries Benefit From Such Integration?


BTW: I have created a Global Facebook Group that is  "devoted to
consideration and discussion of any and all (Im)Possible / (Im) Probable
intergrations of Any and All Web 2.0 technologies" which is available is
linked form


[ http://tinyurl.com/d4nsw8 ]


BTW: I am aware  of All Things Web 2.0 


>> Let The Radical Thinking Begin <<




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