[Web4lib] RE: CNN streaming video

Robert Malesko maleskonk at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 15:36:11 EST 2009

Aside from the issue of whether CNN is purposely obfuscating what Octoshape is or does or if users should just be better informed, the method might have a lot of advantages.

A decentralized distribution approach for live video coverage makes sense. P2P and other forms of swarming and/or decentralized distribution have certainly proven themselves in other uses -- in many cases it's given me faster transfer times than any other protocol. It's not as if P2P network distribution in and of itself is inherently bad in that it (necessarily) degrades performance or increases your bill, article bullet-points aside.

If (a big if, perhaps) users are informed, if they agree, and if it makes for better quality and/or more accessible live coverage, well then why not? I believe you can get the live feed without having to use Octoshape.

-Rob Malesko

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