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This Past WeekEnd I Profiled/Added Additional Content To My Scholarship 2.0 Blog


 "Scholarship 2.0 is devoted to describing and documenting the forms, facets, and features of  alternative Web-based scholarly publishing philosophies and practices. The variety of old and new metrics available for assessing the impact, significance, and value of Web-based scholarship is of particular interest."


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Cope, William, AND Kalantzis, Mary. "Signs of epistemic disruption: Transformations in the knowledge system of the academic journal" _First Monday_ [Online], Volume 14 Number 4 (17 March 2009) 


The article ends with suggestions towards the transformation of the academic journal and the creation of new knowledge systems: sustainable publishing models, frameworks for guardianship of intellectual property, criterion-referenced peer review, greater reflexivity in the review process, incremental knowledge refinement, more widely distributed sites of knowledge production and inclusive knowledge cultures, new types of scholarly text and more reliable use metrics.


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University Publishing In A Digital Age / Ithaka Report / July 26, 2007


Scholars have a vast range of opportunities to distribute their work, from setting up web pages or blogs, to posting articles to working paper websites or institutional repositories, to including them in peer-reviewed journals or books. In American colleges and universities, access to the internet and World Wide Web is ubiquitous; consequently nearly all intellectual effort results in some form of "publishing". Yet universities do not treat this function as an important, mission-centric endeavor.


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Talk About Talking About New Models of Scholarly Communication 

Karla L. Hahn / _JEP: Journal of Electronic Publishing_ / vol. 11, no. 1 / Winter 2008 / 


Although many new forms of scholarly exchange have reached an advanced state of adoption, scholars and researchers generally remain remarkably naïve and uninformed about many issues involved with change in scholarly publishing and scholarly communication broadly. 


Research libraries have led in educating stakeholders about new models and are expanding their outreach to campus communities. In considering the effects of recent change, and looking to emerging trends and concerns, six dangers of the current moment are considered along with six topics ripe for campus dialogue. 


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_Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet_


In _Scholarship in the Digital Age_, Christine Borgman explores the technical, social, legal, and economic aspects of the kind of infrastructure that we should be building for scholarly research in the twenty-first century.


Links To A/V and Slides from recent presentation at  Columbia University / Scholarly Communication Program / Research without Borders: The Changing World of Scholarly Communication / March 24 2009 


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