[Web4lib] Vital Records provide protection from abuse - exploitation - violence

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Vital Records provide protection from abuse - exploitation - violence

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Apart from being the first legal
acknowledgment of a child's
existence, registration of births
is fundamental to the realization
of a number of rights and a number
of practical needs including:

- Effectively countering forced marriage
  of young girls before they are legally
  eligible, without proof of age.
- Enforcing laws relating to minimum
  age for employment, assisting efforts
  to prevent child labor.
- Ensuring that children enroll in school
  at the right age.
- Getting a passport, opening a bank
  account, obtaining credit, voting or
  finding employment.
- Protecting children from harassment
  by police and other law enforcement
- Protecting children who are trafficked,
  [or placed into prostitution], including
  [their full restoration] through repatriation
  and family reunion.
- Protecting young people from underage
  military service or conscription.
- Providing access to health care.
- Providing access to immunization.
- Securing the child's right to a nationality,
  at the time of birth or at a later stage.

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