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Omnipage is, for my money, the best of the affordable OCR software
packages. I don't know how mucy Abby Fine Reader is, but we looked at
Flexicapture once, and it was pretty steep. Omnipage starts at around
$500. http://www.nuance.com/omnipage/ 

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Subject: [Web4lib] sharpening images and OCR

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We have just captured photographs from old newspapers that are on
microfilm. We are about to put these images on the Web. What software is
best for enhancing these images? Sometimes, there are black lines going
down through the image.

A second related question is this: we are hoping to OCR some articles
from a TIFF image thus created. What OCR package costing fewer than
2,000 dollars might be best for this task. I suspect that none of them
will be good enough because the original newspaper was in such a poor
state when microfilmed, but, I thought I would investigate it anyway.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Regards John



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