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        Semantic Digital Libraries
             book announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of our book
about the next generation of digital library management systems:

Semantic Digital Libraries

Sebastian Ryszard Kruk, DERI NUI, Galway
Bill McDaniel, DERI NUI, Galway


Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg (DE)
2009, XVI, 246 p. 1 illus., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-540-85433-3


Libraries have always been an inspiration for the standards and
technologies developed by semantic web activities. However, except for
the Dublin Core specification, semantic web and social networking
technologies have not been widely adopted and further developed by
major digital library initiatives and projects. Yet semantic
technologies offer a new level of flexibility, interoperability, and
relationships for digital repositories.

Kruk and McDaniel present semantic web-related aspects of current
digital library activities, and introduce their functionality; they
show examples ranging from general architectural descriptions to
detailed usages of specific ontologies, and thus stimulate the
awareness of researchers, engineers, and potential users of those
technologies. Their presentation is completed by chapters on existing
prototype systems such as JeromeDL, BRICKS, and Greenstone, as well as
a look into the possible future of semantic digital libraries.

This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in areas like
digital libraries, the semantic web, social networks, and information
retrieval. This audience will benefit from detailed descriptions of
both today's possibilities and also the shortcomings of applying
semantic web technologies to large digital repositories of often
unstructured data.


Digital Libraries
Semantic Web
Social Webs
Semantic Archiving


* Introduction

Part I - Introduction to Digital Libraries and Semantic Web
* Digital Libraries and Knowledge Organization
* Semantic Web and Ontologies
* Social Semantic Information Spaces

Part II - A Vision of Semantic Digital Libraries
* Goals of Semantic Digital Libraries
* Architecture of Semantic Digital Libraries
* Long-time Preservation

Part III - Ontologies for Semantic Digital Libraries
* Bibliographic Ontology
* Community-aware Ontologies

Part IV - Prototypes of Semantic Digital Libraries
* JeromeDL - the Social Semantic Digital Library
* The BRICKS Digital Library Infrastructure
* Semantics in Greenstone

Part V - Building the Future - Semantic Digital Libraries in Use
* Hyperbooks
* Semantic Digital Libraries for Archiving
* Evaluation of Semantic and Social Technologies for Digital Libraries
* Conclusions: The Future of Semantic Digital Libraries


Best Regards,

Sebastian Kruk
Bill McDaniel

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