[Web4lib] HathiTrust Releases Experimental Full-Text Search Feature: Approximately 350, 000 Public Domain Works Included

John Weise jweise at umich.edu
Mon Nov 10 11:10:42 EST 2008

HathiTrust Releases Experimental Full-Text Search Feature:  
Approximately 350,000 Public Domain Works Included


HathiTrust is currently experimenting with large-scale full text  
searching as part of an effort to create a mechanism to search across  
the entire repository. As an initial public beta of full text search  
functionality, we are offering a simple mechanism to search across all  
of the fully viewable works (both those in the public domain and those  
for which we have permissions) and a sprinkling of search-only works  
(i.e., in-copyright works where we may not show the text of the work).  
The size of the content indexed is approximately 500,000 volumes, and  
the majority of the works are fully viewable. Although this is a fully  
functioning and reliable search mechanism for these works, we provide  
it as a public beta in order to learn more about these large search  
indexes in a public setting.

More information on our process to explore issues in this area is  
available in the HathiTrust.org large-scale search report.


Please visit http://www.hathitrust.org/ to learn more about the  
HathiTrust Shared Digital Repository.

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