[Web4lib] Symantec anti-virus

Kozlowski,Brendon bkozlowski at sals.edu
Thu Nov 6 15:56:41 EST 2008

Although I am not our library's maintainer of Symantec Enterprise (he's out sick), I will say that I have encountered this issue before.  If Symantec's client on non-server computers comes up "disabled" and then will later on be enabled...it's not that it's disabled, it's that it cannot see/connect to the Symantec Server, the machine that is responsible for updating all of the definition files and scheduling scans (if any are scheduled).  This could mean a few things:
1 - The network connection isn't completely initialized in the application layer before the Symantec Client starts up when the machine is turned on.
2 - There may be congestion or networking issues that slows down the communication between the main server and the client PCs in question.
3 - I'm sure there's some other explanation but all I had is 2...
Now, I cannot see your machine's system tray icons and their notification status, but that's what it sounds like the issue is to me.  If you hover the mouse over the shield with a circle and slash through it, does it say "disabled" or "not connected" (or something similar)?  These are questions you don't have to answer to me, but to yourself to help diagnose the issue(s).  The computers should still be protected (albeit with possibly one-day-older definition files) even if it's not able to connect to the Symantec server.
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