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Within the past week or so I have discovered three (3) major
reports/studies on the adoption of Online Social Networks by Businesses;
These have been profiled in my Friends blog and are available
individually at: 


[1] AMI Partners Study: Small Businesses Embrace Social Networking In
The U.S.


New York, New York-November 3, 2008-More than 600,000 small businesses
(SBs, or companies with up to 99 employees) in the United States will
deploy integrated social networking services in the next 12 months-up
from about 300,000 currently, according to the latest study by New
York-based Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, Inc.


[ http://tinyurl.com/6yo8az ]


[2] Harnessing the Power and Potential of Social Networks


This report will help you: 

- Make use of social networks in your own organization for internal and
customer-facing applications
- Explore the key characteristics of successful social networking sites
- Determine which approach to take when creating your social network
- Consider new value-added features and services that will be
competitive differentiators for your social network
- Gain an understanding of the staggering valuation of sites such as
- Create a trusted social network environment
- Identify some of the privacy and security problems encountered by
- Appreciate the draw of social networks for the individual, including
the desire to develop ones own social capital for personal and
professional goals
- Leverage social network analysis and the 'social graph'
- Identify how IT can help address the risks and challenges of social


[ http://tinyurl.com/6ynb7j ]


[3] Network Citizens: Power And Responsibility At Work


Bringing together in-depth case studies of six organisations, Network
Citizens maps the key fault-lines that people and organisations will
have to address in the future world of work. Not doing so puts at risk
the very qualities we had invested in them: openness, innovation,
collaboration and meritocracy. Since networks can act for good or ill,
incubating the talents and ideas of the many, or promoting the interests
of the few, the need for a new set of responsibilities is growing. If we
are network members, we must be network citizens, too.


[ http://tinyurl.com/6rks5d ]


If (More) Businesses Recognize The Benefits Of Online Social Networks,
Why Not (More) Libraries?






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