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Robin robin at stcharleslibrary.org
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Hi Bill,


Definitely not servers! :~)


Mostly, additional workstations (some possibly with flat-bed scanners
attached); printers, micro-fiche readers. Some will have to move out of
the obscure corners they have been in (with cables hidden out of sight)
and will be visible. Some may front on corridors where staff/patrons
need to walk... thus a possible tripping hazard. All in all, it's just
the usual detritus of Ethernet/power/monitor/printer/keyboard/mouse...
we'd just like to be able to pretend it's not there.



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Hi Robin,

Can you give a bit more detail? Just what kind of equipment are you
moving into public spaces? Cabinets, servers, cables only?




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	I know this is a topic which has been visited lo these many
times, but I am now in a new phase of having to deal with it and would
appreciate any suggestions - particularly of any new products that may
have come out recently but escaped my attention.


	Facing a severe space crunch, and unable to issue a planned
referendum for building expansion funds due to the economic meltdown, we
are planning some radical re-arrangement and re-alignment of furniture,
equipment and services. These actions will push a lot of computer
equipment further out into previously public areas, and cables will be
at their finest in providing both aesthetic and physical burdens on
staff and patrons alike.


	Any success stories, good products (or bad products to avoid) -
all input gratefully received. 






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