[Web4lib] Re: Announcement: Open Source In Libraries Website

Thomas Krichel krichel at openlib.org
Thu Mar 27 23:38:43 EDT 2008

  Ross Singer writes

> Instead, it looks like we'll have two communities and two mailing
> lists.  Two communities, I note, that would have been completely
> ignorant of each other if not for this mailing list thread.


  More generally, there does not appear to be a list of all
  library lists around. Such a list could be convenient to
  avoid duplication of lists. 

  And that brings me back to a point I made on oss4lib in 2001. Rather
  than just working with OSS to build applications that work 
  around the limitations of non-free information, it would
  be good to start working on building free structured information.
  A list of all library email lists, together with a facility for
  people to manage subscriptions in bulk, plus a navigation
  facility that would allow a user looking at one list, to
  see related lists, would be a tremendous service to the 
  profession. And that's just one example idea. For another
  example, I am currently involved in endeavours to build a
  dataset of all academic institutions and of authors working
  there, with links to the papers that they have written. I
  admit it's a very long-run project.

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