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We do not currently have an information literacy requirement for entering students, but we are trying to form some kind of requirement for all enrolled students (freshmen) and transfer students. We built an information literacy tutorial called EMPOWER (http://library.wichita.edu/empower) that is based on Searchpath and inflite. We recently finished our first pilot study of 22 College English 102 classes that were required to complete the tutorial through Blackboard and take pre and post IL quizzes. In our preliminary study we found that students did much better on the quizzes after completing the tutorial, and some instructors have said that they noticed a marked improvement in the quality of student papers. We hope that eventually this tutorial will be required for all students.

Our university also requires all General Education classes to have some kind of library component as part of the course work, but it is left open to the interpretation of the instructor.

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I hope this question is not outside the scope of the list.

We are re-evaluating our current Information literacy requirement for all entering students and are wondering what, if anything , is being  used in higher education.  We currently require all entering student to  take an online class that has a tutorial based on Searchpath as well as Office 2007 Level 1 for Word, PowerPoint and Excel.  Students must pass the associated assessments with a score of 70% or higher to fulfill the requirements.

Thanks to all who are able to share with us.

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