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Robin robin at stcharleslibrary.org
Wed Jun 4 12:25:31 EDT 2008

Hello all,


I hope this isn't considered off-topic, but since we use mice and
keyboards to access the internet, I'll chance it...


We recently purchased a number of Bluetooth wireless mice and keyboards
to meet to growing demand to eliminate cables as much as possible. To
our dismay we have found that the mice are virtually unusable. They will
work for a little while, then the cursor will disappear, or it will
start moving around the screen on its own, or simply become
unresponsive. This happened in an all-staff meeting this morning, with
the Director and all the admin staff present, so I am determined to find
a fix or a replacement solution. We did discover that if we turned off
the keyboard, the mouse would behave much more rationally, although
still not in the subservient manner one would prefer, so interference
must be an issue, but I can't believe that Bluetooth is as difficult and
unstable to work with as our experience so far would suggest. At least I
would think, after all the years I've spent with computers, I'd have
heard something about it... 


If anyone has insights or suggestions to offer, I would appreciate them,


We are currently using Logitech mice-and-keyboard sets, on workstations
running XP SP 2


TIA for any ideas! 



Robin Boulton 

robin at stcharleslibrary.org

IT Manager 

(630) 584 0076 x 258

St. Charles Public Library District

 Cell:  (630) 918 8738

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Robin Boulton  
IT Manager
St. Charles Public Library District
St. Charles, IL 60174
(630) 584 0076 x 258  
Cell:(630) 918 8738 
rboulton at stcharleslibrary.org 

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