[Web4lib] Code4lib 2008 Minority Scholarship

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Wed Dec 19 09:38:10 EST 2007

Carol Bean writes: 
 > > Then why the hell didn't they submit a proposal to speak?  Or are
 > > you suggesting they did but were rejected by gender?
 > Ummm, maybe it has something to do with perceived climate,
 > especially given things like this thread.  Hopefully the Code4Lib
 > group as a whole is a bit more welcoming...

Yes, the climate certainly is chilling.  Had I but realised that we'd
progressed so far down the road to group-think that we no longer
tolerate differences of opinion on what strategies most effectively
combat racism and sexism, I would never have allowed my thought-crime
to to escape into this forum.

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