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Cheers for Darci's speaking up!

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I for one benefited from something similar many years ago and I may not have found my way into electrical enginering / computer science if it hadn't been for that program. I didn't find it patronizing then and I don't find it so now. If getting one more woman in the field of engineering and/or IT (and/or keeping her there!) is the result of these endeavors then I say we're making much needed progress.

Regarding "women" qualifying for this "library" conference as a "minority" -- I can assure you that the men at Code4LibCon far outnumber the women -- we women are still in the minority among Library IT folks.


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You know, I just don't get this.  How can anyone think that these kinds of awards can do anything to counter racism or sexism?  What would we think of an award for which only white people were available, or only men?  Why would reverse discrimination be any better?  It's patronising at best and actively divisive at worst.

(Though I'm sure it's done from the best of motives.)

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