[Web4lib] accessibility software for public PCs

Gillian Wiseman gwiseman at ci.waco.tx.us
Mon Dec 17 11:42:44 EST 2007

I've been asked to look into software (particularly screen magnification and screen reading programs) for our library's public access computers. I'm sure there are many options, but if anyone can clue me in to what the best options are, I'd be very appreciative. Also, if there are any sites or books that would help me understand the requirements and limitations of available products, that would be very helpful. We're in a Windows XP environment, with no plans to upgrade anytime in the next year.
Thank you in advance, and I'll summarize any off-list responses to the list in a couple of days. 

Gillian Wiseman
Electronic Resources Librarian
Waco-McLennan County Library
gwiseman at ci.waco.tx.us

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