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Wikipedia, The Library of Congress authority records and The British Library

The British Library, "The world's knowledge",
among other things, uses Wikipedia directly,
at: The Web Archiving Programme.
  "The Web Archiving Programme has been set up to:

  put in place systems that enable the British Library
to become the point of first resort for anyone who
wants to access a comprehensive archive of material
from the UK Web domain".  I note on External links:
Wikipedia: Web Crawler

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Thomas Zimoski <tzimoski at gmail.com> wrote:
  Maybe this is common knowledge but both Wikipedia and the Internet
Movie Database, among other internet resources, are cited in Library
of Congress author authority records (authorities.loc.gov).
Perhaps this says something about their increasing acceptance.

For example:

100 1_ |a Bergman, Ingmar, |d 1918-2007
400 1_ |a Bergman, Ernst Ingmar, |d 1918-2007
400 1_ |a Eriksson, Buntel, |d 1918-2007
670 __ |a His Moraliteter ... 1948.
670 __ |a Persona, c2000: |b credits (director/writer, Ingmar Bergman)
670 __ |a Internet movie database, Dec. 3, 2001 |b (Ingmar Bergman;
birth name: Ernst Ingmar Bergman; b. July 14, 1918 in Uppsala, Sweden;
sometimes credited as: Buntel Eriksson; writer director, actor,
producer, cinematographer)
670 __ |a Wikipedia, July 30, 2007 |b (Ingmar Bergman; b. Ernst Ingmar
Bergman, July 14, 1918, Uppsala, Sweden; d. July 30, 2007, Fårö,
670 __ |a New York times online, July 30, 2007 |b (d. July 30, 2007)

Tom Zimoski
Fresno, CA
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