[Web4lib] CGI Forms: checkboxes and stringing of multiple fields

Baker, Tammy K Tammy.K.Baker at nhmccd.edu
Mon Dec 10 13:37:18 EST 2007

Greetings everyone,

I'm working on interlibrary loan request forms and I'm seeking some
insight since I'm really rusty and not much of a programmer. First, it
was decided that phone numbers would be in separate fields rather than
one field; so we went from this:

Phone# <input name="Phone" type="text" size="13">

to this:

Phone# ( 

<input name="AreaCode" type="text" size="3">


<input name="Prefix" type="text" size="3">


<input name="Number" type="text" size="4">

The part of the cgi script pertaining to the phone number had 

print MESSAGE "Phone#: $FORM{Phone}\n";

Now I have to string three fields together and wanted to know if the
following would work (to display something like 832-555-1212): 

print MESSAGE "Phone#: $FORM{AreaCode}-$FORM{Prefix}-$FORM{Number}\n";

Second, I have never seen information on how checkboxes are treated with
cgi. For example, the following on the form:

Did you check the library catalog to determine whether the item is
available locally? <input type="checkbox" name="checkbox"

I'm not sure how to get the results of the checkbox from the webform to
the email recipient. I'm probably way off but would something like the
following work:

if ($FORM{ckeckbox} = "yes") {

print MESSAGE "I checked the library catalog before submitting.\n";


else {

print MESSAGE "I did not check the library catalog before


Thank you so much in advance for any insight.


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