[Web4lib] navigation bars and css

Chris Barr christopher.barr at villanova.edu
Fri Dec 7 17:22:25 EST 2007

Hi Rachel,

It is hard to tell what you are talking about without an example, but 
generally the best way to make menus in css is to style an unordered 
(bulleted) list.

The html might look something like:

<div id="mainMenu">

And the CSS you can use to style it is kind of limitless.

Here are 37 CSS menu examples: 

(The first three examples from alistapart are really good tutorials.)

Good luck,
Chris Barr
Villanova University

Rachel Davis wrote:
> On the advice of listmembers, I am redesigning our website using CSS for
> layout instead of tables.  I'm a little enamored with the navigation bar I
> created in Dreamweaver.  Is it acceptable when doing layout with CSS to
> use this type of navigation bar, or should I use an alternate method to
> create the same or similar effect?
> Thanks in advance for your advice!
> Rachel
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