[Web4lib] Top PL Websites? (cross-posted)

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Mon Dec 3 11:27:50 EST 2007

 (Please excuse cross-postings)
In a recent  posting, a library was advertising for someone to develop a "dynamic, accessible, highly functional, and aesthetically
pleasing ..... patron interface,"  
website. I have been searching for Public Library websites that could fall under these criteria; 
does anyone know of a listing (website or article) of Public Libraries that  are the "Top 10, 50, 100", if not by these criteria, others...?
If not, please send along any public library website that you consider is the "Best of the Best" and why.
Any information as to how they were designed would be helpful, i.e.

In-house designer;

Library committee;
Friends of the Library;

Website designer company;
~Marie Monteagudo

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