[Web4lib] Need efficient way to post "library closing" message

Drew, Bill drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
Thu Nov 30 14:02:12 EST 2006

 Here is the code I use that I include in my template, I use
Dreamweaver.  The IFRAME is quite simple actually.  The URL points to
the php script on a server in my office.  It is RSS2HTML.  You can find
it very easily on the web.  It can also be done as a javascript,
although I don't use that since the IFRAME handles stuff so well.  The
blog software is blosxom and the server uses Ubuntu as an operating
system. The blog has different RSS feeds for different categories of
content.  I can set the feed I want to point the script to in individual
pages or leave it to my default "announcements" feed. It is very low
maintenance.  Many sites actually host the RSS2HTML script so you could
go through them and just use one of the Blogger farms out there such as
Blogspot.com.  I actually started this since I had an old "obsolete" IBM
PC 300GL that was going to be thrown out.  I wanted a place to teach my
self to install and set up Linux and Apache.  It has been running since
January 28, 2005 with no downtime at all.  I learned a lot along the way
and am still learning.  If the server does finally give up the ghost, I
would move to using a blog on blogspot and use one of the hosted
RSS2HTML sites, or take an old laptop and rebuild.

It is important to realize I am not a programmer or a script writer
beyond just a few basics.  I can read and alter scripts but have seldom
written any from scratch.  I beg, borrow, and steal (with permission)
code from others and adapt it to our needs.

You can how it works via our website at http://library.morrisville.edu.

 <p><span style="color: #006633; background-color:#ffcc00;
text-decoration: none; "><strong>Library News</strong></span></p>
        <iframe width="215" height="300"

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deserve neither liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin, 1759


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