[Web4lib] Wiki farms

Meredith Farkas mgfarkas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 18:02:38 EST 2006

I've enjoyed PBWiki and WetPaint, but have heard interesting things about
wiki.com (which seems to be down for a few days).  I've played with the
underlying software (DekiWiki -- a MediaWiki fork
http://www.wikimatrix.org/show/DekiWiki) and it is really cool. It has
WYSIWYG functionality, though so does WetPaint and I know PBWiki will soon
too. You can also get a hosted version of MediaWiki at
http://www.editthis.info/wiki/Main_Page, though I can't vouch for the
service itself.

If you want to compare different wiki options (including wiki farms) try the
wiki matrix http://www.wikimatrix.org/. They also have a cool choice wizard
http://www.wikimatrix.org/wizard.php that may also help you narrow down your


Meredith Gorran Farkas

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