[Web4lib] Joomla users?

Edward Spodick lbspodic at ust.hk
Wed Nov 29 03:33:50 EST 2006


Well, looking at the CMS Matrix for a comparison of the 3, Joomla dropped immediately off my possibles list - it is reported there as having only "Limited" UTF-8 Support.  Now that limitation could be large or small, but as a site which needs to deal with Chinese characters smoothly, anything not clearly fully UTF-8 compliant would be a major problem. 


Both Drupal and Plone seem quite solid in features, and Joe Hewitt gave some good comments on them already.


>On 11/28/06, Laurie Isenberg <laurie.isenberg at csueastbay.edu> wrote:
>>Hi.  We are considering using Joomla to rebuild our site.  Plone is our
>>second choice.  I've heard a lot about Plone, but not much about
>>Joomla.  Are
>>there any Joomla users out there, satisfied or dissatisfied?  I'd love to
>>hear from you.

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