[Web4lib] Ebscohost with Public Web Browser

Bill Teschek bteschek at hampton.lib.nh.us
Tue Nov 28 16:55:51 EST 2006

That wasn't it exactly, but it gave me the clue I needed. In the [Security] 
section of the ini are two lines that can be changed to:


which will create a history.log file that can be checked. Turns out that the 
browser was trying to load some kind of page titled "about:blank". When I added 
that phrase to the whitelist all was well with the world.

Bill Teschek
bteschek at hampton.lib.nh.us

Benjamin Sprague wrote:
> I believe there is a setting in the INI file that will display the URLs as
> they are checked against your whitelist file. 
> I think this is the setting:
> [Security]
> ShowAccessDialog=False
> This way you can see which URL is causing the problem.
> Benjamin D. Sprague
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> We've just started having a problem accessing our Ebscohost databases with 
> Public Web Browser. We use a white list to prevent people from using the 
> general Internet on such computers, and until very recently it has worked fine. 
> Today, however, PWB is not allowing access to Ebsco databases because it says 
> they are not a permitted site. Something at Ebscohost is apparently trying to 
> load a page that we don't have in our white list. I called the company and they 
> say that they haven't changed a thing lately, but our computers use Deep Freeze 
> so we haven't changed a thing either. Is anyone else who uses PWB seeing this 
> problem accessing Ebscohost?
> If I could find a way to get a list of every page that is trying to load when 
> we go to that site I could probably figure it out for myself. Does anyone know 
> of a utility that will do this?
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