[Web4lib] Ebscohost with Public Web Browser

Bill Teschek bteschek at hampton.lib.nh.us
Tue Nov 28 15:31:01 EST 2006

We've just started having a problem accessing our Ebscohost databases with 
Public Web Browser. We use a white list to prevent people from using the 
general Internet on such computers, and until very recently it has worked fine. 
Today, however, PWB is not allowing access to Ebsco databases because it says 
they are not a permitted site. Something at Ebscohost is apparently trying to 
load a page that we don't have in our white list. I called the company and they 
say that they haven't changed a thing lately, but our computers use Deep Freeze 
so we haven't changed a thing either. Is anyone else who uses PWB seeing this 
problem accessing Ebscohost?

If I could find a way to get a list of every page that is trying to load when 
we go to that site I could probably figure it out for myself. Does anyone know 
of a utility that will do this?

Bill Teschek
Assistant Director
Lane Memorial Library
2 Academy Ave.
Hampton, NH 03842
bteschek at hampton.lib.nh.us

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