[Web4lib] U3 Thumb Drives

Tom Keays tomkeays at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 16:31:00 EST 2006

This thread is very timely, since I encountered my first U3 device
helping a patron this week. I might not have figured out what was
going on, but remembering what I heard here, it only took a moment to
show the patron that it was showing up as two separate drives -- D and
E -- on our public workstations.

These workstations are locked down so you can not launch programs off
flash drives. The D partition of the U3 was completely inaccessible
but the E drive worked as a normal USB storage device. I am not sure
that the patron knew it wasn't a regular USB drive, but once he
understood which drive letter to save files to, he was happy.

On 11/24/06, Darryl Friesen <Darryl.Friesen at usask.ca> wrote:
> They really are awesome devices, for staff anyway.  I have Thunderbird,
> Firefox, Trillian and PuTTY all installed on my U3 device.

You don't actually need a U3 to do this: I run Firefox Portable 2.0
with a bunch of extensions such as Zotero and GTDGmail as well as
several Greasemonkey scripts including COinS off my plain vanilla
Lexar Jumpdrive. I had Portable Trillian on it too, but deleted it
recently for lack of use and to recover some storage space.


The fact that the U3 software can't be reinstalled in the event of a
problem worries me a little bit, but they don't seem to be priced much
differently than regular USB drives. I might buy one just to
understand them a little better.


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