[Web4lib] U3 Tech on flash drives

Dale Irving dirving at sailsinc.org
Sat Nov 18 12:27:34 EST 2006

I bought a U3 drive some time ago and have played with it a bit.  When 
you first use them they give the option of installing the U3 interface 
software to the local hard drive, however, it's not required (at least 
not on the Cruzer drives).  One annoying feature (again, at least of the 
one I use) is that it shows up as two drive letters: one for the U3 
software and the other for storage.  I have preconfigured links on my 
public desktops for flash drives and they don't work with the U3s.
We haven't seen any other problems with them yet, however, we do restrict 
internet access for kids unless they get parental permission and the U3s 
represent an easy way around that restriction once the more tech savvy 
kids catch on (I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet).
I haven't written a policy yet, however, I expect to have to do so soon.  
>From a practical viewpoint I don't want to block installation of 
software, but I may make an exception for U3
One last note is that the U3 software isn't the only portable app manager 
around.  Other portable apps can be found at portableapps.com and there 
are freeware app managers available for installing on a standard flash 

Dale Irving

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