[Web4lib] Re: Web4lib Digest, Vol 20, Issue 17

Jeff Papier jfpapier at lmxac.org
Thu Nov 16 12:30:39 EST 2006

Yep, Deep Freeze plus locking down BIOS plus installing PWB (Public Web 
Browser), available for $125.00 / year through teamsoftwaresolutions.com.

PWB is highly customizable.  You can prevent URL histories from appearing, 
block certain URLs (to Yahoo! chat, for instance; don't want to get into 
flame wars re this, but you can do it), launch apps from toolbar, and so 
much more that I can't do it justice here.

We love PWB, and without Deep Freeze my gray whiskers'd be even grayer.

Add to all of the above anti-virus and Windows XP software that 
automatically updates  (Deep Freeze can be programmed to turn itself off for 
a certain number of hours so that updates can occur), and you have a smooth 
way of handling the dozens of public PCs we make available here.

Are we problem-free?  No, but overall it's an ulcer-free environment for us 
techies / reference librarians.

Jeff Papier
Senior Network Librarian
South Brunswick Public Library
Monmouth Junction, NJ 

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