[Web4lib] Authors name standardization. Your opinion?

Thomas Krichel krichel at openlib.org
Tue Nov 14 10:41:53 EST 2006

  Jakob Voss writes

> Can you download the database of authors and name variations? Is it open
> content?

  Sure, I think it's even included in RePEc' OAI-PMH gateway.  

> If every institution has to maintain their own authority control
> service then the problem will only get worse. We need an Open
> Authority File Initiative like the Open Archive Initiative

  Its a different think. OAI really is a standard setting group.
  Here we are looking at the maintenance of a set of data.

  I intend to work precisely on this problem in the future.
  Folks who are interested in working with me can contact me 

> By the way the Open Archive Initiative also has problems with
> different spellings of names -

  I beg to differ. It's not a problem that OAI was set to address.

> Such author IDs are used in libraries and other instututions for years.
> The problem is that these institutions do not redistribute their IDs but
> you can only get the names!

  You are right on target here.

> No. And you cannot get a full list of all LCCN records. And the
> info-URI pointless because there is no service that understands
> "info:lccn/n50035042". So it's totally useless and damages the
> reputation of the whole URI/info-URI system.  There should be a
> policy that you only get a namespace if you provide your identifiers
> to the public.

  I just don't see how this will work in practice.



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