[Web4lib] Authors name standardization. Your opinion?

Karen Coyle kcoyle at kcoyle.net
Tue Nov 14 10:29:38 EST 2006

Jakob Voss wrote:
> No. And you cannot get a full list of all LCCN records. And the info-URI
> pointless because there is no service that understands
> "info:lccn/n50035042". So it's totally useless and damages the
> reputation of the whole URI/info-URI system. There should be a policy
> that you only get a namespace if you provide your identifiers to the public.
I assume that what you mean by "provide your identifiers to the public" 
is that you provide a resolution service. In the case of the LCCN it is 
trivial to translate "info:lccn/n50035042" into an OpenURL. That is 
actually more valuable than a single resolution service because the 
end-user's context can be taken into account, and the resolution can 
take place in a local catalog, a global catalog (WorldCat) or the 
original source, the LC catalog. Resolution services are essential for 
private identifiers (DOI, for example), but public identifiers (LCCN, 
ISBN, even the OCLC number) have often been reused and repurposed, so a 
single resolution service would not be appropriate. A "2.0" solution is 


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