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I've been working on Public Access Computer stability and security issues
for 10 years now.  So far as I'm concerned, Faronics DeepFreeze is the cat's


On 11/13/06, Drew, Bill <drewwe at morrisville.edu> wrote:
> I have been asked by the MaintainIT project to post this message as
> widely as possible.  It is another great joint project between the Gates
> Foundation, WebJunction and TechSoup. Sorry for any multiple messages
> you get.
> Bill Drew
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> WANTED: Libraries with smart solutions for keeping public access
> computers running
> Maintaining PACs can be a challenge for libraries.
> Many individuals rely on public access computers (PACs) in public
> libraries to find information and resources that can significantly
> improve their lives. However, keeping PACs running can often be a
> challenge for busy librarians.
> Enter the MaintainIT Project (www.maintainitproject.org): Funded by the
> Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Project is collecting stories about
> working with PACs. Based on these stories, we will identify best
> practices for maintaining PACs, and create a series of guides tailored
> to specific types of libraries. The guides will be distributed free of
> charge through numerous channels, including WebJunction
> (www.webjunction.org).
> About the MaintainIT Project
> The MaintainIT Project is a three-year project funded by the Bill &
> Melinda Gates Foundation.
> We are working with public libraries to identify best practices of
> technical support for public access computers (PACs). The Project works
> with libraries throughout the U.S. and Canada, while focusing on
> libraries in the 18 states that are receiving the first round of
> hardware upgrade grants from the Foundation.
> MaintainIT is a project of TechSoup (www.techsoup.org
> <http://www.techsoup.org> ), a nonprofit serving fellow
> nonprofits and public libraries with technology information, resources,
> and product donations.
> Found a good solution?
> Share your story!
> Are you a librarian, IT staff, technology consultant, or anybody else
> working with PACs? Your input is essential for helping us pull together
> the most useful information for how to keep library
> PACs running:
> Share your challenges: What do you need to know to maintain your PACs?
> Share your successes:What has been helpful and what have you learned?
> * Post your story on our Web site: www.maintainitproject.org
> * Email us at: maintainit at techsoup.org
> * Call us at: 800-659-3579 x390 or 415-633-9390
> Other ways to get involved
> * Comment on questions and findings posted on our
> www.maintainitproject.org Web site
> * Help us spread the word about the project
> * Talk to us at a conference - find our schedule of conferences on our
> Web site
> * Call or email us with questions at:
> 800-659-3579 x390 or
> maintainit at techsoup.org
> MaintainIT Project is a project of TechSoup, supported by the
> Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation MaintainIT Project *
> www.maintainitproject.org
> Calling all small rural libraries!
> We are collecting stories from libraries of all sizes until March 2008.
> During the first project phase (October-December 2006), we will be
> focusing on small, rural libraries, because our first guide will be
> tailored to your needs. If you work in - or know of - a small rural
> library with a good PAC story, please contact us by 12/15/2006.
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