[Web4lib] Feed2JS question

Jonathan Gorman jtgorman at uiuc.edu
Mon Nov 13 15:56:56 EST 2006

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006, Florence Tang wrote:

> If you look at http://swilley.mercer.edu/rss.asp you will notice that the 
> channel title appears as if it were an item.  But if you look at the code for 
> http://swilley.mercer.edu/news.rss you will see that the channel title is not 
> formatted as an item.

>From the feed2js.org site it sounds like you're supposed to format the 
output (Step 3).  Right now I don't see anything in your 
linked stylesheets that address any of the classes found in the feed2js 
added elements.

Put in your stylesheet (or link a new one) with something like

p.rss-title {display:none}

(Warning, I didn't take a long or hard look at this, but after a quick 
glance this seems to be the problem.  Be careful, since it appears the 
"description" of the channel is marked as a rss-item character, so if you 
decide you don't want to hide the channel info you'll want to style it by 

rss-title rss-item.

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