[Web4lib] Google CSE and Open Access Journals

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Mon Nov 13 07:36:38 EST 2006

Drew, Bill writes:
 > Here is another librarian working on a Google CSE.  This one searches
 > Directory of Open Access Journals.  Nice post to read as well.
 > Custom Search Engines via Google Co-op [lbr.library-blogs.net]
 > <http://lbr.library-blogs.net/custom_search_engines_via_google_coop.htm>

Hi, Bill.  This is nice, but the results are polluted with a lot of
hits from BioOne, which is not open access.  This is odd, since DOAJ
itself doesn't seem to have a record for BioOne.  Any idea what's
going on here?

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