[Web4lib] ClinicalTrials.gov - using for canned queries / 'derivative' features/ data extraction

Kraemer, Alfred akraemer at mcw.edu
Thu Nov 9 22:22:45 EST 2006

I'd like to know if there are other libraries that are either linking to the ClinicalTrials.gov website using querystrings to pass search parameters or are extracting data using the displayxml option at ClinicalTrials.gov.
The information about querystring options is rather short. I have a feeling there are more options available. If anyone has some examples of querystrings with multiple parameters, I'd like to see how they are done for this web site.

I don't think that there are examples for web pages that are generated on-the-fly from ClinicalTrials.gov data but I wouldn't mind being proven wrong. 

The displayxml option for ClinicalTrials.gov searches could be used as a basis for extracting data and modifying content/display locally. Has anyone done so?

It seems to me that ClinicalTrials.gov is not anywhere near the querying capabilities and online response time of PubMed but there is a lot of interest in the data, especially the locally relevant data.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has done any kind of creative linking/data gathering from ClinicalTrials.gov.

Thank you

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