[Web4lib] Lack of discussion of Google CSE and Libraries

Walter Lewis lewisw at hhpl.on.ca
Thu Nov 9 14:14:59 EST 2006

I was intrigued by the enthusiasm for CSE until I read the Terms of 
Service at:

and in particular:
*    "1.5 Exclusivity.* You agree that, during the Term, Google will be 
the exclusive provider of Internet search services on the Site. You 
further understand that Google will provide the Service on a 
nonexclusive basis, and that Google will continue to customize and 
provide its services to other parties for use in connection with a 
variety of applications, including search engine applications."

Site is defined but I couldn't see something that explained "Internet 
search services."

I certainly provide other internet accessible search services, including 
services that search domains not my own. Does that mean that I can't use 

Walter Lewis
Halton Hills

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