[Web4lib] Lack of discussion of Google CSE and Libraries

Jorge Serrano Cobos jorgeserrano at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 11:19:52 EST 2006

Sure Bill, you´re right. That´s the pity. Wouldn´t have been great to have
these kind of feautres offered to anyone before, years ago?

And by governments instead of companies? And by great / national libraries

Leading, not following...


Jorge Serrano

2006/11/9, Drew, Bill <drewwe at morrisville.edu>:
> I must politely disagree.  This is something new in that it can be used by
> anyone and does not require a lot of technical skills.  Of course, some may
> not like that idea. It is also platform independent.
> Bill Drew
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> Probably the worst thing is that this feature is really really old; years
> and years ago you could do this, the same, with other tools, like for
> instance I remember we did that with Excalibur retrieval´s robot (paying,
> ok, but very cheap in terms of what you could achieve)

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