[Web4lib] Contribute opinions?

John Fereira jaf30 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 8 18:06:27 EST 2006

At 08:15 AM 11/8/2006, Thomas Bennett wrote:
>DreamWeaver or Contribute may be okay for some CMSs but not with Zope or
>Plone.  DreamWeaver tries to put directories on the server that begin with an
>underscore such as _notes if you have upload notes to the server enabled.
>Zope, which Plone runs on top of, does not allow files or folders to begin
>with an underscore because that is used for namespace in Python which is the
>underlying engine of Zope.  Although, we do use DreamWeaver here with
>templates but just turn off upload notes and other incompatible features.
>The server itself has built-in undo and other great features.
>   Complaints have been sent to Macromedia in the past to no fix ever being

This doesn't sound to me like something that Macromedia *should* 
fix.   An underscore in a file or directory name doesn't have any 
significance in a unix or dos file system (whether it's the first 
character or otherwise).  If Python is using it to indicate a 
namespace they're imposing a restriction on file/directory 
naming  that no other application is obligated to recognize.

>And, all users have to have write access to the root directory
>of the WEB site because of directories DreamWeaver wants to create on each
>WEBDAV  connection.

That does sound like a problem, but is it a Dreamweaver issue or a 
WebDav issue?  One doesn't *have* to use WebDav with Dreamweaver.

John Fereira
jaf30 at cornell.edu
Ithaca, NY 

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