[Web4lib] orkut members out there?

Roy Tennant roy.tennant at ucop.edu
Wed Nov 8 17:56:30 EST 2006

I wouldn't bother. I joined nearly three years ago and stopped going there a
good while ago. It didn't seem to be worth the trouble, although Brazilians
seem to think differently. The same with Tribe.net -- I joined, dabbled,
then gave up on it. I'd be surprised to hear if any of my colleagues that
are on either of these sites goes there very often, judging from the
infrequent postings.

On 11/8/06 1:51 PM, "Drew, Bill" <drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU> wrote:

> Is anyone a member of Orkut, Google's Beta social networking site?  I am
> looking for an invitation so I can try it out.
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