[Web4lib] WebJunction design refresh: getting over the hump

Anderson,Joe andersoj at oclc.org
Tue Nov 7 15:01:54 EST 2006

I just posted this to BlogJunction
(http://blog.webjunctionworks.org/?p=302) but thought I'd put the word
out here as well.  We have two very similar candidates for WJ's
refreshed look and feel, and we're at the point in our discussions
(i.e., totally stuck) where we need to get some targeted input from our

We're not quite willing to lift the wraps on our plans yet, but we would
like a random group of users to take a peek at the options and let us
know their preferences. If you'd like to participate in this 5-minute
"which do you like better" exercise in the next couple of days, please
drop me an email at joe_anderson at oclc.org and I'll show you what to do. 

Joe Anderson
Content Manager, WebJunction.org
1100 Dexter Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109

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