[Web4lib] RE: Google CSE

Araby Y Greene araby at unr.edu
Sat Nov 4 14:12:32 EST 2006

> Who else is experimenting with CSE
I switched our regular Google library web site search to a simple CSE search yesterday, after getting inspired by Bill Drew and others on this list. It allowed me to add more several relevant domains to the search without cluttering up the form and display results within our own web site(http://www.library.unr.edu/searches.html)
I also added a narrowly-focused search form for manuscript guides to the Special Collections page that lists them (http://www.library.unr.edu/specoll/mssgdes.html ) I couldn't change the background color on the results page here because of a JavaScript error in the CSE Google Control Panel, but expect that to be fixed quickly.
Special pages, such as our Tahoe site (http://www.tahoe.unr.edu/) are the next candidates. There are a lot of possibilities for helping library users with CSE refinements and other features that I haven't had time to explore yet.

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