[Web4lib] Anyone using Bricolage, Drupal, Plone, TYPO 3, WebGUI, Xaraya, or Xoops for your CMS?

Terry Huttenlock Terry.Huttenlock at wheaton.edu
Thu Nov 2 15:49:21 EST 2006

We use WebGUI http://library.wheaton.edu.  The product now has a WRE
which was not available when we installed it back in 2004.  We have also
not purchased training or support so we did, at times, have a steep
learning curve.   We also use it on an intranet site and have been able
to distribute content creation for that.  If you want to read about our
experience back in 2004 there is an article in Library Hi Tech, 2006,
24(1) titled "Untangling a tangled web: a case study in choosing and
implementing a CMS".  Since the article's writing we have upgraded to
version 7 and have only had minor issues with content not converting
correctly and that was easily fixed.  

The major selling point of this system was the ease of using our
already existing underlying MySQL databases for dynamic content.  We
just have to write an sql query and design an output template. 


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Head of Systems and Technological Services
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