[Web4lib] newsforge article - "The Internet is for Interviews"

Phil Shapiro pshapiro at his.com
Thu Nov 2 13:18:19 EST 2006

fellow geeky librarians -
     earlier this week an article was published on newsforge that explains about
the video form i invented called "rosetimes."

     here are the pertinent links.

       The Internet is for Interviews



"Rosetimes are a method of conducting interviews with interesting subjects --
kind of like those done by Charlie Rose, an Emmy award-winning broadcast
journalist known for his one-on-one interviews where the subject sits on the
other side of a round oak table -- except in rosetimes the participants can be
thousands of miles away from each other."

          thanks for sharing this info with people you know who might find this
information useful.

               phil shapiro, public geek
               takoma park maryland library

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