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Stacy Konkiel stacy.konkiel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 15:53:25 EST 2006

We're using Koha in our library and I can say that for small libraries, it
does the job pretty well.  The version that we're using, which is the
second-to-last version that has been put out, still has a few bugs that you
have to work around in the system.  However, these bugs don't affect the
functionality of the check-in/check-out procedure too much, they really only
have to do with adding bibliographies and such.  However, I hear that the
latest version is free of most of these bugs and works even better than the
version we're using.

If you're curious (or if anyone else would like) I can send out a document
that the previous library coordinator used, which lists "workarounds" for
the various glitches.

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On 10/25/06, Darla Grediagin <dgrediagin at bssd.org> wrote:
> Good morning,
> Does anyone on this list use Koha?  I am working on installation now and
> was interested in feedback.  When I saw the post that mentioned telnet
> and SSH, it made me think that this may be the list to answer more of my
> questions than other lists that I am on.  I love the move to Koha, I am
> using LibraryPro now and I think Excel might be a better library
> database than it is.
> I am glad I found other librarians that are working with computers as
> much as everyone here seems to be.
> Have a great day,
> Darla
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